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A Harmoniously Resonant Leader

Just a question? Given that you are in a managerial role (supervisor and above), have you ever given a thought to the purpose of being a leader? But how do you differentiate between the two?

Maybe this definition can help:

"Management is focusing on getting someone to get a result. Leadership is producing a standard in someone that when you're gone, others will live by to produce higher-level results consistently." – Tony Robbins

If your objective is to become an inspirational, an effective leader, then the question is how to transform from a manager to a leader? You will find that this is a discovery process by which you can realize your contribution as you create your legacy by providing vision and purposes in all of your endeavors.

Given this, how are your professional career and personal purpose aligned with your end goal/legacy? What is the level of harmony between your passion, your mission, and your non-work roles? Are you trading one for others?

Where will you find your leadership coaching? Nearly half of the higher management spends less than 10% of their time coaching; therefore, a limited potential source. On the other hand, most managers that have utilized a trained leadership coach recognize the positive organizational impacts of improved leadership and employee engagement (as per recent ICF survey). This survey reported that:

"coaching is particularly effective compared to other methods, such as training or mentoring, due to the flexible nature of a coaching assignment and the ability to tailor this to the needs of the coachee."

A coaching process will "walk with you" to address these fundamental questions and many others you are currently facing to ensure personal harmony with your life purpose. I can attest to the positive results of over fifty leadership coaching clients I have coached to date. They have reported higher job satisfaction, clearer career goals, improved Life-Work Balance, and some of them got promotions given their expanded abilities to lead.

Can we talk more about it?

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